A Discovery of a New Friendship

It began with the premiere of A Discovery of Witches.

Last year, I got the chance to attend the premiere in Cardiff, and long story short, it was a magical time that led me to meet amazing people from the All Souls family who have been such a positive influence in my live as an artist and as a person. Long after that surreal night, someone I admired, Karin Star from All Souls Illustrated, messaged me after seeing the Instagram Story I posted of the premiere on my account. I gave a happy dance when I saw her message and answered right away with heart and happy emojis. She doesn’t know this but it was a fangirl moment for me since I love LOVE her artwork. We kept in touch after that, following each other’s work and then planning for the All Souls Con, our very first one. And that’s how we started our friendship, all thanks to the magical world created by such an amazing human, Deborah Harkness. Thanks to her, these two little daemons embarked into a journey of discovery. A discovery of new friendships, a discovery of a family that welcomed us with opened arms, a discovery of our first art collaboration.

The Collaboration.

As if we weren’t busy enough preparing for our trip to Cardiff, we decided to work on a special collaboration piece as a thank you for the love and support from the All Souls family. Here is a bit of our process:



As soon as we were set on working on this collab, we quickly came up with ideas and then agreed on working on a Diana & Matthew piece inspired by Shadow on Night (the second novel in the All Souls Trilogy series).



Karin then sketched the overall elements and layout of the piece…


Illustration Part 1

And worked on the moon / sun background and the illustration of the Arbor Dianae.


More sketching

I then moved into sketching Diana and Matthew. At this point we had to decide if they will be dressed or not, and if Matthew should have a beard.


Illustration Part 2

After placing Diana and Matthew on Karin’s illustration, it was clear that some elements needed to be edited, like the arms touching each other had to go and I needed to add a bit more space between them to fit the Arbor Dianae better.



While I was working on finalizing Matthew and Diana, Karin was on full mode getting everything else ready. From working on the backer signage to arranging things with her local printing shop. Things were getting real!


Final Piece

And voilà! After we were happy with the final result, just like magic, we were done. Karin and the printing shop worked super quick to have the prints in time for our trip. I couldn’t wait to see Karin, the prints and everyone at the All Souls Con!


With every ending there is a new beginning.

This was such a smooth and organic collaboration where each of us brought the best of ourselves and ended up with a piece we were both so happy to share with the All Souls Con attendees in Cardiff.

At the end of this little journey, I not only end up with a collaboration piece I was proud of but most importantly, I met an amazing talented artist that I respect, cherish and admire. A person I am proud to call a friend, my soul sister, Karin.

Forever thankful.

I couldn’t end this post without giving a big thank you from the heart to Laura and Karen. You both have made so many dreams come true since the day I met you. So grateful for your support and for all you. Another big thank you to Deb, the All Souls family, the A Discovery of Witches cast, crew and social media team for being so kind to this humble artist. Wishing you all the very best.

Ways to get a print of our collaboration piece

The prints are currently available in both our shops. All the sales of these art prints will be donated to the the Bodleian Library (Bodley's American Friends) in honor to the All Souls Trilogy books, Diana, the All Souls Family, and Deb for the positive influence they make in our lives.

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