DIY: Heart Handprint

Hi all! Valentine's Day is almost here and what a better way to start the celebrations than sharing a very sweet DIY project. I have seen this very cute heart handprint project in some Pinterest posts and in some arts and crafts blogs. Aside from being such an awesome DIY project, I really wanted to give it a try and start practicing these type of activities with Luke, our 19 month old baby. For this project, I had my dear husband's help and you are welcome to have your other half to join you as well since it could get a little messy. After going though each step, we created two heart handprints for Luke's grandmas which he will give away as Valentine's Day gifts to each of them, as a memento to show them his love. You will notice that they are a bit different, one looks more like a real heart and the other looks like the Valentine's Day iconic heart. We did this on purpose since one grandma is very into science and the other is into cute things...the best of two worlds!


  • 12" x 12" cardstock paper

  • Pink washable paint

  • Red washable glitter paint

  • Pink and silver glitter (optional)

Note: At the end of this post you will find the actual products we used for this project. Make sure to read the age recommendations and instructions from the manufacturers.



Pour about 1/4 of the pink and red paints in a flat plate and mix them making circular motions (Tip: you can also use one of the card stock sheets to mix the paint. The point is to have an even surface to help you with the next step, especially if you will be working on this project with a toddler) 



Hold your child's hand and place it on top of the paint (palm down). Pressed it gently to make sure the paint gets evenly distributed in his/her palm. Either hand works!



Depending on how things are going, you can repeat step 2 with the same hand or the opposite one to make the second hand print. Repeat steps 1 through 3 as needed. We had a total of six heart handprints from which we picked the two best/cutest ones, one for each grandma. 



Once you are done with the handprint steps (and done with washing your child's very full of paint hands), it's glittering time! Pick the version that resembles a heart the most and sprinkle some glitter on top to add a bit more of spark. This is totally an optional step. In our case, we thought that the handprints needed a bit more shine even though we used a glitter based paint.


One last tip, I have seen similar DIY projects where a red or pink border was applied to accentuate the shape of a heart. It's up to you if you want to add that heart shape border. We went with just the handprints to keep the focus on Luke's little art. As an extra detail, and depending on how centered the the hand print is, you can pick a simple nice frame to help preserve this very cute and sweet art piece by your little one.

And that's is all folks! Leave me a comment to let me know how it went and if the steps were easy to follow. This project is not only perfect for Valentine's Day but for any occasion where you want to give a gift from your little one. Here are previews of how each of the heart handprints would look like in a white frame. Just gorgeous!





Thanks for reading this post!





You can find the art supplies used in this DIY at any art supply store. Here are the ones I found online on Amazon:



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